iPhone XS and XS Max

By Sidirgot
September, 24 2018
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With Apple’s new line of high-end smartphones comes both one of the biggest smartphones the company has every delivered but also one of the priciest. Both phones starting price is at around 1100€ and 1200€ respectively. Featuring overall better materials, updated to the new A12 Bionic chip and also some worth noting updates for the camera software.

There is mostly a single question to everyone’s mid, does the price reflect what you are getting, let’s take a look.

A12 Bionic Chipset Upgrade

Compared to the previous year iPhone X, the new line comes packed with the new A12 chipset. Speed and performance wise according to Apple the new chip is somewhat about 15% faster than the A11 in the iPhone X.

GPU is at around 50% faster witch is a huge overall performance upgrade, and will probably make some games like Fortnite run a bit smoother.

The biggest and most noticeable feature of the new Chip is its new Neural Engine. With all the work that’s gone into this chip, it can handle up to 5 trillion operations per second, which means that the chip can handle a lot of heavy work at the same time. The neural engine helps face id recognize you a bit faster than the iPhone X and also helps Augmented Reality apps track object better and a lot faster.

Now note here that not a lot of developers are focused on implementing machine learning into their apps just yet. It’s something that is still in its infancy and as more apps are augmented with this type of technologies we will see features like this take on.


The new camera features are somewhat significant compared to lasts years iPhone X. They still have the same 7-megapixel sensor for the selfie.

On the back the telephoto camera is still the same 12-megapixel sensor but the wide-angle camera has seen the most significant updates. It is still a 12-megapixel lens but each of those 12-megapixels is physically bigger now, providing more light and a lot more detail in each photo.

Since the new Neural Engine from the new processor is working with the camera software in a technology that the company has named Smart HDR, the difference in detail compared to the previous iPhone X is quite noticeable.

The Neural Engine is also enhancing the portrait mode with advanced face detection for better and smoother photos.

Other Upgrades / Changes

Overall speaking and if you take out of the equation the above features that I talked about, when compared to the iPhone X, the phone is pretty much the same.
There is a small tweak with the speakers making them a bit clearer and louder.
The wireless charging somewhat improved. The phone is not so much placement sensitive when u place it on a charging pad.


You probably have noticed that I haven’t said anything about the comparison between XS and XS Max, the reason behind that fact is simple. There isnt any kind of difference. They are the same phone with just a bigger screen, so the only factor when deciding between any of them should only be the screen size, just note that with the bigger screen comes a bit bigger battery but thats it. There is simple nothing else other than that.

Talking about the normal end user that is going to use this phone. All the above are kind of relative since most of the upgrades aren’t going to be that noticeable.

The phone does have a faster processor but side by side with the iPhone X, there isn’t going to be any kind of difference.

When it comes to the camera and the overall photos. The changes do make a lot of impact and they offer a wide variate of options after you take the photo.

Weather if you should buy the phone or not. If you are currently an iPhone X user I would say no. You will be getting the same phone with some minor upgrades and with the price tag, it’s just not a smart move.

Other than that, like I always say, it’s up to you, your pocket and what makes you happy.

iphone xs and xs max